DCPP Webcast Recording

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    Monday18Sep 2017

    A recording of the DCPP webcast presentation on the background of the new cyber security requirements as well as how to use the online tool.

The Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) and associated cyber security controls will be effect from the start of October in all sub-contracts working into the UK MOD. Full information on the changes and the associated DEFCONs can be found here

The DCPP team hosted a webcast in order to talk through elements of the new requirements. To aid suppliers in demonstrating compliance with the Cyber Security Model, the MOD has established the Supplier Cyber Protection Service. Here you are able to complete a risk assessment (RA) and a supplier assurance questionnaire (SAQ). This video covers how to register for and use the Supplier Cyber Protection Service online tool. 

Please note this video is a live recording of a webcast that was delivered by the DCPP team. 




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