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    Wednesday24Jun 2015

    An article by Salma Shah on how to become a good manager and transform from Accidental to Purposeful Manager

Salma Shah the Founder of Winning Demos, helping Tech businesses improve their performance through people.

Just landed your first job in management? Stepping into your new role need not be a daunting or difficult task. But there are basic errors that everyone makes - especially if they are 'accidental managers'.

The 'Accidental Manager' is someone who has been promoted not through demonstrating any kind of particular management skill, but because he or she has demonstrated extreme competence as an individual contributor. Too often new managers simply coast along, continuing to do what they excel at.

Unfortunately, technical expertise alone doesn't make for a seamless transition into a technical management role. In fact, it could be a career killer if it's all an individual has to offer. The black-and-white, right answer- versus-wrong-answer mentality that makes for good technical management is at odds with the skills needed to manage people.

Of course, technical skills are an excellent grounding for a management role, but key soft skills need to be in place to deal with people, and a 'big-picture' organisational perspective needs to be maintained to cope with finances and policy.

While a manager can still maintain friendships, new boundaries need to be drawn in order to establish authority and credibility. It's not about becoming demanding and asserting yourself in aggressive ways. Rather, it's taking seriously the need to refocus thinking in order to gain and retain the respect of the wider group.

It can be difficult for former colleagues to treat a new manager appropriately if the previous years have been spent working as peers. But the new manager is now encumbered with responsibility for assessing these colleagues' performance and giving important input into their work lives. This can place a manager at odds with friends and can involve tough decisions with which others may not agree.

How you can become a good manager

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