Analyst engagement – that’s just PR for analysts, right?

Most companies treat analysts and press in much the same way. Press relations, analyst relations – same supplier, same set of core deliverables. Also, as it happens, most companies fail to get any tangible return from the analyst community. Why? Quite simply because analysts and the press are utterly different audiences.

Nobody would think of hiring a plumber to do their electrics, yet almost every company treats their analyst and press communications as if they were really the same by addressing them through PR. So PR companies put analysts on press release lists and arrange briefings to tell them about new product releases just as they would a journalist. And analysts throw the press releases away and ignore the briefings because that's not what they need. What they do actually need, and what delivers results, I'll discuss in the training day on 'How to get IT analysts (like Gartner) to help you grow sales'. Course on 22 Februrary 2018.


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