Evolution of the Inter-connected Network

Fixed, wireless and mobile networks are evolving. They are not only getting faster and better but also more complex. These evolving networks are now expected to satisfy multifaceted and often conflicting requirements of serving multitude of low data rate devices, providing high speed connectivity to anyone requiring it and providing extremely low latency for mission-critical communications.

There are many challenges that need to be solved for these networks to work seamlessly - timing and synchronisation is just one of them.

These networks of the future will try and utilise the spectrum to the fullest by reusing it to create Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) which in turn will require the need for interference mitigation techniques. These inter-connected networks will require perfect synchronisation between them to reduce any direct or indirect interference between them.

The keynote presentation that is embedded below and available to download from the bottom of this page was intended as a scene setter to simulate a discussion on some of the exciting current and future developments in digital communications technology and networks.


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