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    Tuesday20Oct 2015

    The UK Spectrum Policy Forum, the industry-led sounding board to Government and Ofcom, launches Licensed shared access report


The UK Spectrum Policy Forum (SPF), commissioned this study on spectrum sharing and Licensed Shared Access (LSA) to make proposals for the most acceptable specification for LSA for the UK. Based on the outcome of Plum's research into LSA, information available from the European Commission workshop that took place in Brussels, UK Spectrum Policy Forum Cluster 2 meetings and the outcome of stakeholder interviews, the paper considers and makes recommendations on four points:

  • An overview of the motivation for sharing focussing on LSA.
  • A discussion of the currently proposed formats for LSA.
  • An evaluation of the relative merits of the current proposed approaches.
  • A summary of stakeholder views on LSA and the issues foreseen with implementation.

The UK Spectrum Policy Forum's recommendations for the next steps on Licensed shared access study are available here.

Commenting on this report, David Meyer, Chairman of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum said "Shared access to limited spectrum is a key part of the Government and industry approach to the challenges that lie ahead for delivering effective, reliable communications. The conclusions of this report are particularly relevant for the Internet of Things, and the increasing consumer demand for mobile data services. I look forward to working with SPF members to unlock the value that lies in increased sharing of spectrum."

Raj Sivalingam, Executive Director, Telecoms and UK Spectrum Policy Forum said, "One of the arenas where shared access could find valuable future applications is in widening commercial access to public sector spectrum while retaining availability for ongoing important public sector applications of spectrum such as defence and security. This report will contribute to the steps needed to 'line up' the preparations needed involving Government, Ofcom and industry, ranging from building consensus on supply and demand for such spectrum to ensuring that the regulatory provisions are fit for purpose."


The full report is available to download by completing the form at the bottom of this page. 

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