REQUEST FOR INPUT | Building a Market for Energy Efficiency

As part of the Clean Growth Strategy, the UK government has opened a call for evidence on building a market for energy efficiency.

Comments are invited until 9th January. techUK will be submitting a response, working with colleagues in our Environment and Compliance Programme, and are looking to finalise our response ahead of the Christmas break.


The paper

The document is available here.

It invites views about the role of government in overcoming investment barriers and stimulating the market through direct interventions.

The paper considers a range of options, barriers to growth and policy solutions - but these are not exhaustive and the call for evidence is really to test whether their assumptions and thoughts are in line with the views of industry.

The government also stressed that while the focus is mainly on the owner occupied sector, many of the ideas could have impact across all tenure types and micro/small businesses, particularly those which are home based.


techUK’s response

We want to highlight the role that digital technologies can play in delivering energy efficiency. Smart meters and smart home technologies, such as smart heating controls, are mentioned in the paper.

We are seeking input from members on:

  • What technologies can your company offer to support energy efficiency?
  • What sort of savings can be achieved? Have you any case studies?
  • How do you get your product in people’s homes? Do you have a view on when they are most likely to invest?
  • In your view, what are the barriers to investment and market growth?
  • Have you got any international examples of best practice of government intervention that you can share?
  • Are you seeing success in other countries which isn’t being replicated here. Do you know why?

There are a number of detailed questions relating to the proposed areas of government intervention. They include for example:

Fiscal levers, incentives and awareness

  • What fiscal lever do you think will drive the greatest consumer demand? Have you got evidence for a strong alternative?
  • Can you foresee any barriers in implementing any of these interventions?
  • What price signals would best drive uptake of energy efficiency measures?
  • How could Government effectively deliver messages to promote energy efficiency through intermediaries? Who are important?

Enabling innovative energy efficiency products and services

  • Do current regulations prevent innovative energy efficiency products and services coming to market?
  • What changes should be made to the Energy Company Obligation to ensure that it supports the development of innovative energy products and services?


  • Are there other ways that Government could help improve access to data energy efficiency and performance for research purposes?
  • What would be the impact on the market and investment in energy efficiency of the availability of better data on actual performance of homes?

Supply chain

  • Is there anything the Government could do to support local retrofit supply chains?

We would welcome written input to any of these questions by 15 November but will also be holding a workshop to gather member’s views in the morning of Monday 6 November. A diary invite will follow shortly. We will then prepare a submission and circulate a draft for comment before final submission.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.



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