Climate Change Agreement for Data Centres

This is our third report on the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) for data centres. It should be read in conjunction with our previous reports: Our first report explained how the CCA works, how many operators and facilities accessed the scheme at the first opportunity, how they coped with the registration process and what we learned. Our second report reviewed the performance of the sector against its first milestone. It explained how and why targets are set and that the sector was successful in meeting the requirements of its first target by a comfortable margin. It also commented on the impact of the scheme on energy stewardship and the effectiveness of the CCA as a policy tool.

This third report reviews sector performance against our more ambitious second milestone. While the sector as a whole passed its target the picture was more mixed for individual operators. The reasons for this are discussed. We then look ahead at the future of the CCA scheme and whether the current approach will meet the needs of this rapidly growing sector. We also consider the wider policy agenda relating to the future of carbon taxation and energy efficiency, including the impacts of Brexit and the scope for a new reporting framework to replace the duplication and complexity that business currently has to wrestle with.

CCA Second Target Report 04 (pdf)


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