Guest Blog: "There's No Time like the Present to Make a Difference"

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From my perspective this is a great day for reflection; especially when we celebrate International Women’s Day and we think about pushing for
inclusion and gender parity. There’s no doubt we have made progress, yet there is so much more to do. With recent news on the gender pay gap and Hollywood scandals I’m proud to represent our company #Fujitsu and #techUK on their diversity councils. Each council member is passionate and committed to doing the right thing and making a difference. We are all motivated and united to #PressForProgress.

Whilst many facts and figures state that it will take over 100 years to close the gender gap there is no time like the present to make a difference. Let’s collaborate and be willing to understand how we can make a difference to each other, our organisations and the general education of what’s
acceptable in our society. One tangible pragmatic action from each person who has the ability to lead, influence, educate and drive change would create a remarkable force.

Of course there are many more complex issues to unravel such as behaviours, inclusion and removing stereotypes but to name a few. One question I frequently ask is “Are we really doing all we can to understand current issues from each other’s perspectives?” I think collaboration for a more sustainable impact is now key as we #PressForProgress. Greater collaboration and willingness to take greater action would be an amazing step forward. I am optimistic that days like today help motivate and remind us all, no matter what our seniority, of the responsibility we each have.

So I’m proud to be part of organisations and teams that care about what we do, how we make our environment a more inclusive one and how we
celebrate who we are. I know that change doesn’t happen overnight but I’m motivated to unite the people I interact with, the teams I lead to act in a more inclusive way and encourage people to be the best they can be. #PressForProgress.

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