#ReadyforWinter Campaign Week

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    Monday26Feb 2018

    techUK showcases how technology can help alleviate some of the winter pressures in the NHS and social care in this Campaign Week (26 Feb – 2 March)


As the mornings get lighter and the sun starts to shine – at least a little – policymakers in the NHS will begin to reflect on what has undoubtedly been one of the toughest winters yet for the service.

In January the (then) Health Minister Philip Dunne told the House of Commons that the Winter of 2017/18 was “the one we’re best prepared for”. He explained that whilst winter preparedness planning usually begins in July and August, it now begins before the previous winter has even finished. As I write, plans are already afoot for addressing the inevitable Winter Crisis of 2018/19.

Technology has a huge role to play in mitigating the issues of the Winter Crisis that were very eloquently explained by our members in our report last year.

Technology can enable people and healthcare professionals to reduce unnecessary demand, keep people flowing through the system and ensure that decisions are being made using the best data and analytical tools.

As the green shoots of spring begin to appear techUK has curated a series of blogs about how technology can help, with specific examples from up and down the country.

We’ll be adding them below as they are published throughout the week. Join the conversation @techUK #ReadyforWinter .


Monday 26 February - Keeping people out of hospital and remote service delivery

- Guest blog: To Interoperability and Beyond ... by Kate Wensley, Improvement Lead, Cerner

- Guest blog: How can technology enable and equip health and social care professionals to deliver services remotely? by Mohammed Hussain FRPharms FFCI MAPharmT, Senior Clinical Lead, NHS Digital

- Guest blog: How Technology Can Help Avoid A Winter Crisis in Health and Social Care by Rajal Patni, CFO and Co-founder, WeMa Life

- Guest blog: How technology can reduce pressure on frontline staff by Dr Charles Young, Chief Medical Officer, Capita Healthcare Decisions 

Tuesday 27 February - Responding to 'Relentless demand': data, self care and prevention 

- Guest blog: Cold Comfort by Lawrence Christensen, Marketing and Consumer Director at Tunstall Healthcare

- Guest blog: Easing Relentless Demand by Empowering Patients With Their Data by Julian Ranger, Founder, digi.me

- Guest Blog: Wearables and Apps: How Can They Help? by Paul Hide, Director, Market Engagement and Membership

Wednesday 28 February – ‘Bedblocking’ and Patient Flow

 - Guest blog: No Silver Bullet to the Winter Crisis: But Partnership Working and Tech Can Help by Aby Atiola, Digital Innovation Lead, OLM Group

- Guest blog: The Bed-Blocking Challenge: How Can Technology Assist with Patient Flow Management by Célia Ribeiro, Healthcare Innovation Manager, Glintt (IBM)

- Guest Blog: Valuing the Bed-Blocking Challenge by Leonard Anderson, CEO, Kemuri

 Thursday 01 March – Breaking Down Silos

- Guest blog: Let the System Flow by Julia Ross, Chief Strategist for Care and Health, Predict X

- Guest blog: Breaking down silos and the bed-blocking challenge by Marta Franco, Population Health Consultant, Cerner

- Guest blog: The Evolution of Care Co-ordination Opens Up New Possibilities in Population Health Management by David Lee , Medical Director UKI, DXC Technologies

- Guest blog: Picture Perfect by David Howard, Conserus Sales Manager (NIMIS), Change Healthcare

Friday 2 March – The Workforce Challenge

- Guest blog: How can blockchain help solve the NHS crisis? by Helen Disney, Founder and CEO, Unblocked Events

- Guest blog: How can technology ease problems of workforce planning in healthcare? by Vanessa Walmsley, MD, Qmatic UK

- Guest blog: How can technology ease problems of recruitment and workforce planning? Ricardo Gil Santos, Manager, Healthcare Business Consultant, Glintt (IBM)


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