Smoothwall announces new S.A.F.E. initiative to keep children safe online

Smoothwall, the leading web filter provider that specialises in protecting children online, has recently announced the launch of its new initiative, Smoothwall's Association for Education (S.A.F.E.), in its commitment to safeguard and promote online safety for children.

As part of S.A.F.E., Smoothwall will be providing the following resources to help schools and teachers promote responsible use of the internet in the classroom:

  • Online Safety Workshops: Delivered by Smoothwall’s Online Safety Experts, Smoothwall will host online safety workshops for pupils, teachers and families to provide tailored guidance and information on how to stay safe online.
  • Online Safety Zone: Smoothwall’s Online Safety Zone provides a one stop shop for learning about online safety, with regular updates to news and resources. Teachers, parents and other caregivers can also sign up to Smoothwall’s free Online Safety Newsletter for tips and advice on how to stay safe online.
  • Classroom Resources: From Spring 2018, teachers will be able to take advantage of Smoothwall’s downloadable range of resources and activity packs designed to help them deliver engaging lessons to pupils of all ages, on how to promote responsible use of the internet.
  • Webinars: Hosted by Smoothwall’s product and industry specialists, Smoothwall webinars are available to anyone seeking further insight around product and legislative updates and provide a great platform where they can #AskSmoothwall any questions they may have.

As part of the S.A.F.E. launch, Smoothwall will be visiting Oxford based Rye St Antony school on Safer Internet Day, where they will be delivering online safety workshops throughout the day to pupils. Sessions will touch upon topics such as safe image sharing, digital footprint, cyberbullying, social media use, gaming and more. Following this, Smoothwall will then run an online safety masterclass the following day for teachers and school leaders in the area. This is as part of Smoothwall’s S.A.F.E. roadshow, which will be touring the U.K. throughout 2018.

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Claire Stead, Online Safety Ambassador at Smoothwall, comments: “Online safety for children is becoming an increasingly severe problem year on year, and as it grows, teachers will have to deal with it more and more in the classroom. We recently found that instances of online bullying in the classroom for example have increased by athird, but the teachers that are entrusted to protect and educate them on the dangers of the internet don’t feel fully supported to do this (62%).

“There have been a number of great government initiatives and legislation over the past year to tackle this, such as the Government’s ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ regulations and Prince William’s ‘anti-cyberbullying’ plan, but as a technology industry, we need to come together to ensure that we are playing our part in keeping the online world safe for children. That’s why at Smoothwall we want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to gain the knowledge and support that they need to be able to confidently do their jobs, which is why programmes such as S.A.F.E. are important.”

You can find more information about S.A.F.E. here:



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