Connected Home Makes My Dad "Feel A Little Bit Cooler"

In today’s technological world connected homes are becoming more apparent. The use of various integrated devices and services across a range of sectors has shown to offer better convenience and peace of mind in the domestic environment.

Smart home monitoring and control in the UK has not yet had the same recognition as in other countries, however, the variety of devices now available means the connected home is becoming more appealing. Here is an account of how connected technologies have helped one of our customers:

My Dad, who is elderly and can’t get around so easily these days, is now using a connected doorbell and smartlock. He can see who is at the door on his iPad or TV - even if he’s in bed - and in some cases, let them in. When he’s out my brother and I get the notifications and can choose to let the cleaner or meal delivery person in, if we recognise them - or direct them to a neighbour. 

It’s a great example of how something simple (both products work reliably over wireless) and easy to install, has made a really big difference. The total cost was under £400 and the whole thing was installed in under half an hour. It has been working for about two years, so it’s worked out about £4 a week - much less than any other service we pay for.

My brother and I have greater peace of mind, and we can view a timeline too, which means we can check that he goes out regularly, that the physiotherapist comes, and so forth. The best thing is that Dad likes it too - even though he was sceptical to start with. He feels much more independent, and a little bit cooler!”

Although there is a rise in demand for such gadgets to make home life easier, consumers admit they still do not fully understand the benefits of connected technologies. It is down to companies and retailers to inform the market on how technology can make life smarter, easier and more fun. These connected devices and services need to empower people and give them more control over their lifestyles.

Post written by Steve Moore, Chairman SMC.

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