How the Public Sector Can Overcome the Cloud Digital Transformation Challenge

How the public sector can overcome the cloud digital transformation challenge

Embracing the cloud has been seen as both a cause of celebration and concern for the UK public sector. We all understand the value, potential and opportunity transitioning to the cloud provides organisations, from cost-savings to an improved citizen experience.
Yet, with the plethora of cloud options available – including public, private, on-premise and hybrid – it is little wonder there has been some confusion, scepticism and doubt across the sector as to how to take the cloud computing plunge.

Assess the IT Landscape
From central government to devolved and local government organisations, migrating data, apps and services to the cloud typically requires an organisation to adapt to new cultures and ways of working. We understand starting this journey can feel daunting - especially with legacy solutions, software and licenses often still in play. With this in mind, it is critical that you consider your current IT footprint and whether it’s fit for purpose in today - and tomorrow’s - digital landscape.
Whether this means strengthening your relationships with the likes of Microsoft through Azure, working with AWS or Google, or even building your own managed cloud, an important first step is to make this robust, proper and comprehensive assessment of where you stand today, in order to build for tomorrow.

Choose the Right Partner
We believe the most effective way to do this is by working with a vendor agnostic expert who can provide an analysis of your current infrastructure, make appropriate recommendations and map out a path options for success.
This approach avoids locking you into long-term, inflexible agreements that represent a high total cost of ownership and yield moderate returns on investment (or even losses). In today’s society, citizens, businesses and the wider community are seeking digital by default services, with access to information and facilities at the click of a button - anytime, anywhere.

Drive Digital Change
With the Government’s Digital by Default strategy live and kicking, including a commitment to “build on the ‘Government as a Platform’ concept”, now is the time to review your cloud strategy and digital transformation journey.
Whatever challenges you’re confronting – from security and compliance (such as the impending GDPR legislation) to business performance, scalability, integration or even software life cycle management – employing expert partners will help you choose the “best execution venue” for your needs.

Managing data and applications in the cloud requires industry knowledge and experience. Through strategic partners, such as CenturyLink, you will be enabled to demystify the cloud, transform your infrastructure and unlock your apps and data - building stronger relationships with citizens, businesses and the wider community.


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