Opportunities for Tech Sector to Deliver Government Transformation

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In partnership with techUK, the Government Digital Service (GDS) today shared its vision and plans for public sector transformation with the tech supplier community following the publication of its Government Transformation Strategy (GTS) earlier this year.

At the event Kevin Cunnington, Director General of GDS, outlined the opportunities for the tech sector throughout the delivery of the Government Transformation Strategy 2017-2020.

Attendees were given demos on what’s new in the Government as a Platform (GaaP) Programme, and how GaaP fits into the bigger picture of the GTS. A key focus of these sessions was to enable public sector tech suppliers to engage with the GaaP product teams and explore how suppliers can get involved in future work.

After the event Kevin Cunnington, Director General of GDS commented:

“Business transformation is difficult and government cannot do this alone. Service teams in government want, and need, the UK tech industry’s skills and experience to help them transform. By using the GDS platforms rather than re-inventing them or integrating others you can do this more quickly, cheaply and consistently.”

Julian David, CEO of techUK commented:

“The detailed plans outlined today show how Government will adopt new transformational approaches, and illustrates its willingness to harness a competitive supplier landscape in doing so. It was encouraging to hear that Government is focused on skills, information sharing, end-to-end transformation and harnessing SME innovation as this aligns with our members’ key priorities for public services.”

“What is clear from today’s event is that the UK Government is ambitious to be world-leading in the next wave of digital government transformation and embrace the full diversity and strengths of UK tech suppliers. We look forward to working with GDS to help it achieve its 2020 targets and deliver tech-enabled public services to drive innovation.”

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