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International talent is essential for UK tech– give us evidence to strengthen the case for #smartmigration--> http://t.co/jiEkKiNXWE
Give your evidence on UK tech needing international tech talent directly to Government – feed into @techUK survey! -> http://t.co/jiEkKiNXWE
#UniversalCredit has potential to show citizens the power of tech – we need to get the process right: http://t.co/VUAacQ38MI #3PointPlan
In age of austerity, techUK #3PointPlan can help Govt do more with less - check out @techUKCEO's new blog: http://t.co/nIUhO2U20F
@techUKdepCEO you media hound
Important report from @nesta_uk @NIESRorg @growthintel shows Information Economy is 42% bigger than govt thinks http://t.co/vKJangpoja