Tech is increasingly vital to our energy infrastructure, what policy frameworks do we need to ensure cyber security? http://t.co/BthhLySDk4
Philips Innovation Team scouting 4 technologies/solutions in Reduce Food Waste, Nutrition, Location/Position Tracking http://t.co/33Sakn4QxG
Thank you to our speakers @chionwurah @pierslinney & @techukceo & our chair @bryanglick for a great debate today! #DigGovReview
Julian @techukceo: gov wants to work more w/ #SMEs but doesn’t know how to engage w/ them or provide the right conditions #DigGovReview
Julian @techukceo: there are 1000s of suppliers/companies in pub sector market, gov just doesn’t make the most of this #DigGovReview
Most IT workers will not choose to work public sector, go straight to private sector & we need to address this - @chionwurah #DigGovReview