What opportunities do gov see around #opendata? Find out @ our briefing with Paul Maltby from @cabinetofficeuk: http://t.co/j6MvQ5jsYV
We will be giving oral evidence to the new Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills on 29 July: http://t.co/MLl0A4QkM6 #HLDigi
"We must continue to educate our educators and inspire our children." http://t.co/DH1L3ozVrv #eskills
We're doing a lot around #opendata this Autumn with Paul Maltby (@_OpenP) from @cabinetofficeuk - take a look: http://t.co/J9NgxSqOGm
New methods of education for the future of technology include vocational haptic and IT training: http://t.co/pHm2K5ovbr #eskills
Achievements and frustrations with #GCloud - @eduserv share their experience with the #cloud platform: http://t.co/Q9b1rP3d9q
@JonPTLindberg Was great! Fantastic delegates&speakers. Delighted with feedback on it helping #startups grow. Nxt series will be even better