Govt should test new ideas & innovate without fear of failure as to provide best services to citizens: http://t.co/iWTWh4IJfO #3PointPlan
Any members with views on getting more #SMEs into public #procurement - we want to hear from you! http://t.co/TKHFJo89H4
#3PointPlan to get industry better engaged w/ Govt & help civil servants understand what tech can do for them: http://t.co/iWTWh4IJfO
We will be responding to the @cabinetofficeuk & @gov_procurement consultation into public procurement reform: http://t.co/TKHFJo89H4
We want Govt to access suppliers of all sizes & be able to try to innovate/test new ideas safely: http://t.co/77ZDHZOnC9 #3PointPlan
.@BBC publishes list of 'forgotten' articles #RTBF http://t.co/gJHrG3itL6
We want to bring the best of tech to Govt & deliver better public services at greater value for citizens: http://t.co/iWTWh4IJfO #3PointPlan