In City AM: Britain’s biggest tech trade body calls for digital economy priority #techUKmanifesto http://t.co/4dZpX33gHi
Today we launch #techUKmanifesto urging politicians to recognise the huge significance of the digital revolution http://t.co/0L9w55qBqq
Question time! http://t.co/kpW5bKIURI
Julian David @techUKCEO 'It's important that we harness every part of UK cyber capability to help counter this global threat'
'This is the 1st signed MOU that we have with UK industry. We are in this together & we look fwd to working with you'Dr Maughan @dhsscitech
2/2 providing input to the international research community and helping to commercialise new technologies -Dr Maughan @dhsscitech priorities