Now hearing from @InformedTweet on how they've won biz through @G_Cloud_UK & their tips for new suppliers #GCloud
What do @gov_procurement advise to gov buyers on #GCloud? Prepare & know what they need, wide search then w/ filters, then evaluate & select
Key changes from #GCloud 5 to 6: new supplier submission portal (incl better search filters); invitation to tender will not change much
New Digital Marketplace allows @gov_procurement to monitor how buyers are using #GCloud & spot where teams are not using it as best as poss
Key tips from Lucy @gov_procurement for applying to #GCloud: keep it simple, understandable (not too tech heavy) & have realistic T&Cs
@willcrosthwait Hi Will, we'll be adding a mechanism for support and will communicate soonest. Thanks for getting in touch.
Our #GCloud supplier session in Manchester has just kicked off with tips on applying from @gov_procurement
1st day of the #techUK & WWRF's ‘5G Huddle’ with international senior industry and Govt to develop what 5G should be - #5ghuddle