Our response to the announcement of £1.1 billion investment in UK defence capabilities: http://t.co/LJTTeEi5HD
It's estimated cloud computing could boost EU GDP by €160 billion per annum & create around 3.5 million jobs by 2020: http://t.co/GtgR768U9z
No matter what the outcome in the #GE2015, we are well placed for the views of the technology industry to be heard: http://t.co/ahGCVqH4C2
Welcome news that this year the number of GCSE computer science students has increased fourfold http://t.co/v6ycJrKSwD
Government launches new technology apprenticeships in cyber security, software and digital media http://t.co/uRP38bAlVR
Financial regulator opens doors to tech innovators: http://t.co/P6sllJUGmJ #fintech
You may never have seen a #datacentre, but modern life wouldn't function without them: http://t.co/jVUUZxomvx
Cyber security is a key enabler to #smartgrid - a vulnerable energy network could mean ineffectual tech/ techniques http://t.co/8X3ooxPErf