We're providing information on the delivery of health informatics policies and the barriers to success http://t.co/aDxSnJi4w7 #DigitalHealth
Why do tech clusters matter and how can we make them successful? http://t.co/hxNsxE42Gn
Is the UK lagging behind other countries in the #bigdata debate? http://t.co/yTNQKHSFzl
Following the Government #reshuffle, an update on current #InfoEconomy members: http://t.co/qhcpTASJQ6
We are committed to the digital health agenda, along with Govt: http://t.co/aDxSnJi4w7 But challenges/threats to market need to be addressed
We support @spacegovuk, who is seeking two experienced and passionate individuals to join its Steering Board: http://t.co/k6FE2Yxe6h
Cyber Growth Partnership July 2014 Main Board Meeting Minutes: http://t.co/6CJkCr9VjG
New report from @PwC_UK predicts UK sharing economy to be worth up to £9billion by 2025, up from £0.5billion today http://t.co/H4ip4M7TBi