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This week, Theresa May is set to announce plans to create an AI Ethics body following recommendations made by techUK and partner bodies. Also:

  • NCSC’s chief warns cyber attack on UK is case of “when, not if”;
  • UK and France announce joint AI conference and initiative
  • Reports from Davos 2018 focus on future of work technological innovation.

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Top Tech Policy News


Prime Minister: AI must have ethical oversight (Telegraph £)
Long standing recommendation from techUK to create an AI ethics body will be headline announcement of Theresa May’s Davos 2018 speech.

NCSC chief warns major cyber attack on UK imminent (Guardian)
Head of UK’s National Cyber Security Centre Ciaran Martin states a major cyber attack is a case of “when, not if”, but commends the growing awareness of cyber security across UK.

Education Secretary: schools need to teach resilience and digital skills (BBC)
In his first public speech since taking up the post, Damian Hinds focused on how schools need to prepare for a shifting job market, including preparing for a digital future.

UK and France agree joint AI initiative (Telegraph)
Closer ties between Britain and France announced as nations look to develop strong positions on artificial intelligence and cyber security to rival US dominance in the field.

Rapid technological advancement risks leaving women behind (Guardian)
A new WEF report on the future of jobs finds paucity of women in the tech sector risks reversing progress made in gender equality, adding urgency to the calls to diversify the tech talent pipeline.

techUK Action & Reaction


Tech sector remains concerned about access to talent post-Brexit (IT Pro)
techUK’s Giles Derrington stresses the importance for the government to secure both a decent transitional deal and a highly flexible system to ensure tech talent remains interested in the UK.

International platforms for collaboration will provide important perspectives (techUK)
CEO Julian David welcomes the announcement of a new UK & France digital conference, stating sharing valuable cross-border perspectives critical for industry growth.

CES evolving to embrace much more than consumer tech (ERT)
Paul Hide, techUK’s director of market engagement and membership, reports back from CES – observing the growing presence of non-traditional tech industries.

techUK creating urgent and emergency care forum (techUK)
NHS Digital and techUK are creating a forum to allow suppliers and NHS digital to exchange expertise and information on the digitisation of the sector. Find out more about how to join.

More News & Comment


How the tech industry can restore trust (World Economic Forum)

Why automation may be more evolution than revolution (FT £)

UK leads way in crowdfunding and P2P lending (City AM)

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