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Also this week:

  • A survey of European business leaders finds many expect soft Brexit;
  • Britain’s venture capital investment is on the rise;
  • DCMS Secretary Matt Hancock appoints his Special Advisers.

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Top Tech Policy News

UK Government reveals new AI tool for blocking extremist content (BBC)
The Home Office has collaborated with AI organisation ASI Data Science to create a tool primarily for SMEs who struggle to manage extremist and illegal content on their websites, with a view to roll it out more broadly.

Business leaders display pragmatism about effects of Brexit (FT £)
A survey of more than 2,500 senior executives in the UK, France, Germany and Spain found a majority believe free movement and ECJ overview will remain, despite indications made by Government.

Britain’s venture capital investment more than doubles (FT £)
Surge in UK funding contrasted with an 18 per cent drop in global fintech investments, with TransferWise and OakNorth emerging as the biggest winners.

No deal Brexit could pose huge risk to Fintech sector (ComputerWeekly)
techUK and other witnesses expressed concern to the House of Lords EU Committee that loss of passporting rights and access to talent could stifle the continuing growth of the UK fintech sector.

DCMS Secretary of State appoints Special Advisers (Politico)
Lottie Dominiczak (formerly Dexter) returns from maternity leave to become special adviser to Matt Hancock, joining new hire, Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, who joined DCMS last month.

techUK Action & Reaction

techUK Deputy CEO says no-deal Brexit unthinkable for sector (ComputerWeekly)
techUK gave evidence to the Lord’s EU Committee, making the case for a status quo transitional agreement for a minimum of two years, and highlighting the sector’s ongoing concerns around Brexit.

techUK makes recommendations to tackle modern slavery in new report (Electronics Weekly)
Our report on modern slavery reporting standards in the tech sector makes recommendations for both businesses and Government to help improve the quality of reporting.

Quantum tech can bring innovation and advancement in transport sector (techUK)
techUK Programme Manager Jessica Russell shares her key takeaways from an event exploring the ever closer world between transport and tech, more specifically in quantum research.

Tech sector celebrates female role models in awards ceremony (techUK)
The FDM everywoman in tech awards, in partnership with techUK, shined a light on top female talent through the pipeline, with a number of techUK members and partners winning awards.

More News & Comment

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