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AI and the Fourth Industrial Revolution lead this week as the Government’s independent report shows AI could unlock £630 billion for the economy. Elsewhere:

• Digital Minister, Matt Hancock MP, announces £25 million for 5G trials
• Government is seeking views on its Internet Safety Strategy
• A new report suggests 1 in 5 UK jobs will be affected by automation

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Top Tech Policy News

AI could unlock £630 billion for UK economy says Government report (FT £)
Recommendations include close working with industry through techUK to make UK a world leader in AI.

Digital Minister announces £25 million for 5G trials (Telegraph £)
Matt Hancock MP says 5G critical to UK’s digital future and launches new prize at flagship 4IR Parliamentary Group.

Government seeks views for new Internet Safety Strategy (Gov.uk)
Increasing digital literacy, developing new tools and support for parents at heart of Government’s new online safety Green Paper.

Automation to affect one in five jobs says new report (Guardian)
Future Advocacy report stresses gender and geographical impact of automation as roles will be affected in different ways.

techUK Action & Reaction

techUK President on a truly #connectedsociety (techUK)
As Corhsam Institute and RAND launch ground breaking digital policy platform, Jacqueline de Rojas says skills, inclusion and place key to a truly #connectedsociety.

“When it comes to internet safety, we’re all in it together” (techUK)
Deputy CEO Antony Walker says success of Internet Safety Strategy will be built on collaboration between government, industry and civil society.

Ethical framework key to UK's AI success (techUK)
techUK wholeheartedly backs Government ambition to make UK AI leader and stands ready to make this a reality.

“Trust me, I’m a doctor” – building trust in digital healthcare (techUK)
Access to more personal data improves health outcomes but requires greater public trust. Accenture’s Aimie Chapple examines this dilemma.

More News & Comment

Alan Mak MP and Klaus Schwab on how to lead the 4IR (Times £)

Check out Corsham Institute’s Observatory for the Connected Society (CI)

Can we teach robots ethics? (BBC)

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