techUK response to Parliamentary Online Suicide Prevention Call for Evidence

techUK has today responded to Parliamentary Online Suicide Prevention Summit Call for Evidence. 

Suicide is a universal issue and is devastating for families and communities. In the UK nearly 6000 people every year take their own life [1] with the highest suicide rate for males and females in their 40s [2]. Parity between mental health and physical health in real terms is therefore essential in tackling this universal issue.

Fundamentally, this is a wider social challenge that involves partnership between many players in the public, private and voluntary space. Industry has taken a considered response in how to tackle this issue and interrupt the online journey to a positive outcome. As evidenced, industry is vigilant to challenges and opportunities raised by new products and services and is taking action in collaboration with charities and expert help. techUK stands ready to participate in and inform the parliamentary discussion as it develops recommendations for International Suicide Prevention Day in September.

The full techUK response can be downloaded below. 

[1] Office for National Statistics, Suicides in the United Kingdom, 2013 Registrations, 2015

[2] Samaritans, Suicide Statistics Report 2015


Please get in touch with Skye MacLeod in the first instance regarding this response. 

A similar insight was published during published during Mental Health Awareness Week 2016. Further information is available on the Child Online Safety Group

techUK response to Call for Evidence for Parliamentary On... (pdf)


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