techUK Launches its Vision for Interoperability to Make Integrated Care Happen

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techUK, the leading voice of the UK technology industry, has today launched its Vision for Interoperability, which will deliver better integrated health and social care.

Building on recommendations made in 2011, the paper outlines key principles that should be applied to interoperability standards to enable information to interchange with systems securely and ensure public services are delivered in a seamless way. It highlights the need for open interoperability; information to be shared across all sectors - public, private, independent and third sector; market driven innovation and business led design of standards; light-touch accreditation when accreditation is necessary; and investment in health informatics education, training and R&D to encourage more informed customers in the sector.

Natalie Bateman, Head of Health, Social Care and Local Government at techUK, said: "Interoperability is key to delivering an ecosystem whereby applications, data and processes allow the right information to be available to the right user at the right time. Only when we achieve the right interoperability standards will we be able to make integrated care happen at scale.

"Our paper supports the intention and purpose of NHS England's move toward encouraging supplier systems to be more open to enable effective information sharing. It intends to set out how the supplier community can move this agenda forward, with the support of NHS England, HSCIC and health and care professionals - we therefore welcome NHS England's commitment to consider our recommendations in its policy developments.

"Our focus now is on the practical implementation of the recommendations from both the supplier and provider side."

John Jackson, CIO of Camden Council (Integration Pioneer), said: "Integrated health care is an exciting opportunity to put patients first, provide support earlier and save money. Advances in digital technology can play a key role in enabling these changes. However, the benefits cannot be realised without a revolution in how technology works. We need IT systems that make it easy to share data, automate routine processes from start to finish and are easy to use for all. This report is a key step in this journey. It's a great innovation and techUK is to be commended for this ground breaking commitment."

You can download the Our Vision for Interoperability below.


Our Vision for Interoperability: Making Integrated Care... (pdf)


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