Future Transport Report Launch – London Assembly Transport Committee

"The opportunity to improve mobility for millions of Londoners is there and we have to take it" - Transport Committee new Future Transport launched.

London Assembly’s Transport Committee yesterday launched its Future Transport report, which aims to understand how technological advances in the sector will affect the travel of Londoners and how the London transport network is responding to technological innovation.

The report is expected to assist the Mayor and TfL in planning and monitoring as it considers challenges that will accompany the increased use of three key technologies:

  1. Connected and Autonomous Vehicles – impacts on road use, mobility and accessibility, impacts for buses
  2. App-based services – opportunities for demand-responsive transport systems (such as dockless bikes and buses) to provide cost effective alternatives to cars, need for a regulatory regime, data sharing potential
  3. Drones – understanding the scale of drone use, role in freight, planning thus far is not advanced

Eight recommendations are provided for the consideration of the Mayor and TfL:

  1. TfL should establish an advisory panel that has input to and oversees the work of the Transport Innovation Directorate.
  2. Mayor and TfL should produce an update to their car club strategy regarding how to embed car sharing in the context of CAVs.
  3. The Mayor and TfL should consider the potential development and impact of automomous bus technology.
  4. TfL and London Boroughs should consider the introduction of a London-wide licensing regime for dockless cycle hire.
  5. Discussions between the Mayor, TfL, boroughs, operators and the Government to develop a regulatory regime for demand-responsive bus services.
  6. TfL should continue to make its data open for third parties, but seek reciprocal agreements.
  7. The Mayor and TfL should seek to understand the likely scale and impact of drone use (airborne and ground-based).
  8. TfL and the Mayor should proactively engage with Government, boroughs, drone industry actors, National Air Traffic Services and other relevant stakeholders regarding the future control system for drones in London.

The panellists at the launch included Keith Prince AM, Chairman of the Transport Committee, Michael Hurwitz from TfL, David Wong of SMMT, Lembit Opik from Starship Technologies and Dr Debbie Hopkins, Lecturer in Transport Studies at University of Oxford.


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