techUK Responds to Royal Society and British Academy Data Governance Report

Today, the Royal Society and British Academy have launched their report on Data Management and Use – Governance in the 21st Century. techUK was an active member of the Working Group that produced this report and is pleased to have been part of the important debate that led up to the recommendations made today.

Antony Walker, techUK deputy CEO and member Royal Society and British Academy Working Group on Data Governance, comments:

“We are already seeing intelligent machines outperform humans on a range of complex tasks, from playing Go to piloting aircraft and real-time language translation. As we consider the implications of a world where humans live and work alongside intelligent machines we have to ensure that we put the interests of humans first.

To ensure an environment where we can continue to innovate and drive real social, economic and environmental benefits we need a high degree of confidence in the governance of data use and the ethical decision-making employed by businesses and researchers as they develop and implement new technology.

This important report has been developed with inputs from across the academic and business communities and recommends a set of high-level of principles to guide the governance of data use in the 21st century and the establishment of a new Data Stewardship body. techUK looks forward to continuing to work with the Royal Society, the British Academy and Government to take forward these recommendations.”

Read more about our position on data governance.

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