Clean Growth Strategy: Roundtable Writeups & Key Themes

With the Clean Growth Strategy launched and widely praised for a long term approach for climate, we have published the discussion notes from a series of roundtables we hosted on the subject below. 

The roundtables looked at how technology can help decarbonise business energy, infrastructure networks and the built environment in a way that positions emisisons reduction as an economic opportunity, not a compliance or cost burden.

techUK members attended the roundtables along withwith BEIS officials, NGOs, regulators and other stakeholders to look at where the opportunities.

Key points and recommendations from the roundtables include:

  • Barriers to decarbonisation include the fact many businesses are not engaged on energy, payback periods can be too long and rented premises make investment difficult.
  • Linking climate objectives with a multi trillion dollar clean tech opportunity is the right step.
  • Intermediaries and ESOS auditors should become tech advocates.
  • The public sector has a huge property estate and carbon footprint. Decarbonising public sector assets can build the clean tech market and prove concepts.
  • Sandboxes and hackathons can bring new developers and non-energy related tech firms into the sector.
  • Understanding and unlocking data in networks creates new business models and tools that delivers decarbonisation, cost savings and more.
  • There needs to be a clear timeline of policies to drive invester confidence.
  • Local authorities need to be drivers as planning, smart city deployment and much of the public sector estate rests with them.
  • Linking tax relief and breaks to energy efficiency would reduce payback times and focus minds on how and where efficiencies can be found.

Full summaries and recommendations are below as is a link to our full report which goes into depth on how and where technology can make a difference and help the Clean Growth Strategy achieve what it sets out to do.

Tech decarbonising business energy - meeting notes (pdf)Tech decarbonising infrastructure - meeting notes (pdf)Tech decarbonising the built environment - meeting notes (pdf)


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