IoT 6 Monthly Activity Roundup 2017

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    Friday11Aug 2017
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techUK's IoT Programme has a core vision of stimulating the take up of IoT in the UK. It does this by bringing together the key players in IoT in the UK to; drive core issues that affect trust in IoT; ensure the right policy and regulatory regime is in place and develop markets and business opportunities.

The first half of 2017 has seen us hold over 10 events for our members, from briefings, to seminars and webinars, to workshops, roundtables, and conferences, and the second half year is yet to come.


Highlights & Achievements


2017 General Election

techUK has published their manifesto "Inventing the Future". It provides a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for the next Government to create an open and dynamic economy fit for the 21st century.
techUK Manifesto principles:

  • Boosting the UK’s productivity.
  • Harnessing digital transformation to build a smarter state.
  • Creating new jobs and a new skilled, adaptable workforce.
  • Protecting and empowering people in a digital age.
  • Make the UK the most competitive market in which to research, develop and adopt Internet of Things solutions.


IoT Council

February saw us run elections for members to join the IoT Council. A full list of those appointed can be found online. Stephen Pattison, ARM was appointed Chair joined by Nick Penston, Cisco, and Jay Chinnadorai, Informetis Europe Ltd, as Vice-Chairs.

The Council aims:

  • To be a trusted and active counsel to policy and regulatory makers
  • To understand and seek to resolve key cross-sectoral issues
  • To build the business case for IoT solutions in specific markets


IoT Trust Principles

In January we launched our Trust Principles for an IoT World - The Trust Principles cover key elements that are needed to help the IoT market to grow by creating greater consumer confidence through:

  • Data transparency and customer empowerment ensuring all citizens have control over their own data.
  • Interoperability so that a user can switch between devices, providers and services according to changing preferences.
  • Security by design to help protect from cyber attack.

techUK’s members are responsible for making the IoT a reality, from sensors to communications, and consumer electronics to data - without our members, there is no IoT. The Trust Principles represent a coming together of industry to proactively at tackle rising concerns.


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