SmarterUK 6 Monthly Activity Roundup 2017

2017 welcomed us with many opportunities and challenges, with Brexit getting closer to our door step, SmarterUK continues to move forward in making technology and innovation the way of the future, by bringing public and private sectors together to make this possible.

We’ve held over a combined total of over 100 techUK events this half year alone, 20+ of which were held by SmarterUK , from briefings, to seminars and webinars, to workshops, roundtables, and conferences, to which all our members were invited to, and the second half year is yet to come.


Highlights & Achievements


Smart Infrastructure

SmarterUK continue to discuss the benefits of Smart Infrastructure engaging with the NIC and industry to explore the opportunities for technology to revolutionise the delivery and operation of assets across the built environment.

In April we worked together with Mott MacDonald to produce a response letter for NICs’ “The Impact of Technological Change on Future Infrastructure Supply and Demand” paper. The letter included recommendations and further input on Information Value, Technology Framework, Integration and Security.

In May we ran a workshop with the NIC as part of their Technology Study evidence gathering activities. The workshop hosted by KPMG brought together senior professionals from across energy, transport, local government, telecoms and technology to discuss how technology in infrastructure can drive economic productivity and growth, as well as help meet the new demands being placed on our assets.

In June techUK held a member CEO dinner with Andy Green, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission, exploring how digital technology will affect and transform the requirements for infrastructure in the UK.
We supported the ICE with their latest State of the Nation report, feeding in member expertise around issues related to data, security and innovation more generally. Our engagement continues through ICE’s Thought Leadership programme, ICE Thinks. Where we are engaging in workshops and roundtables, creating a platform for members to feed into their smart infrastructure programme. Most recently we supported a session looking at the implications of AI for the built environment.

We are also engaging with the ICE’s Infrastructure Client Group through Project 13, where we have taken up a Steering Board position on their Digital Transformation Work Stream. Alongside other organisations such as Mott MacDonald, Anglian Water, and TfL we are looking to transform construction and civil engineering industries to adapt to future technologies, making the UK a leader in smart infrastructure.


SmarterUK Forums

We have successfully launched the SmarterUK Forums for Smart Cities and Utilities, Smart Cities and Communities and Smart Transport. The Forums are an opportunity for members to gain key market and regulatory insights as well as receive updates on techUK activities within the sector. After a successful launch in February, we held the Forums again in June, and we will continue to hold the Forums quarterly. The next Forum will be in October.


2017 General Election

techUK has published their manifesto "Inventing the Future". It provides a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for the next Government to create an open and dynamic economy fit for the 21st century.
techUK Manifesto principles:

  • Boosting the UK’s productivity.
  • Harnessing digital transformation to build a smarter state.
  • Creating new jobs and a new skilled, adaptable workforce.
  • Protecting and empowering people in a digital age.
  • Invest in world class digital and data infrastructure to unlock the next wave of
    digital growth
  • Ensure the UK is at the forefront of the smart infrastructure revolution

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