UK Spectrum Policy Forum Plenary - Meeting Notes

Date: Thursday, 20 April 2017
Venue: techUK, 10 St Bride St, London EC4A 4AD
Chair: David Meyer

Presentations from the UK Spectrum Policy Forum Plenary meeting held on Thursday, 20 April 2017.

(Presentations are embedded to allow better access via mobile and tablet, they can also be downloaded at the bottom of the page.)



Welcome and Introductions - David Meyer, Chair, UK Spectrum Policy Forum

Updates from the UK Spectrum Policy Forum Steering Board - Chris Cheeseman, Spectrum Strategy Director, BT Group and Steering Board Chairman


Update on WRC 2019, agenda, issues and preparations - Stephen Talbot, Ofcom


Update from Cluster 1 - Janette Stewart, Principal, Analysys Mason and Chair of UK SPF Cluster 1


Update from Cluster 2 - Peter Curnow-Ford, CEO, Viatec and Tony Lavender, CEO, Plum Consulting, Co-Chairs of UK SPF Cluster 2


Update from Cluster 4 - Simon Pike, Chair, UK SPF Cluster 4


In conversation with Jane Humphreys: Neil Vosper, Spectrum Policy Team, Digital Economy Unit, DCMS - Jane Humphreys, Senior Spectrum Advisor, techUK and Neil Vosper, DCMS

AOB and close - David Meyer, Chair, UK Spectrum Policy Forum

For further information about the UK Spectrum Policy Forum please contact:

Updates from the UK Spectrum Policy Forum Steering Board ... (pdf)Spectrum Policy Forum Plenary Cluster 1 Report Janette ... (pdf)UK SPF Plenary Meeting Cluster 2 Peter Curnow Ford T... (pdf)Spectrum Policy Forum Plenary Cluster 4 Report Simon ... (pdf)Update on WRC 2019 agenda issues and preparations Steph... (pdf)


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