Presentations from WRC-19 Spectrum Sharing Criteria for Agenda Items 1.13 & 1.16

World Radio Conference 2019: Discussion on spectrum sharing criteria for Agenda Items:uk spectrum policy forum5

  • 1.13 (frequency bands for the future development of International Mobile Telecommunications, IMT)
  • 1.16 (Wireless access systems, including radio local area networks in wireless access systems between 5 150 MHz and 5 925 MHz)

Chair: Simon Pike, (UK SPF, Cluster 4)

Setting the Scene including Introduction to the Agenda Items, Conference Preparatory Process on these, and Features of the Current Protection Criteria - Robert Cooper, Ofcom

Satellite Perspective Ag, Items 1.13 and 1.16 - Paul Deedman, Inmarsat

Mobile Perspective Ag, Items 1.13 - Glyn Carter, GSMA

RLAN/Wifi Perspective - Graham MacDonald, Intel

Open Discussion: Shared Understanding, Common Ground and Next Steps

Please contact Skye MacLeod or Raj Sivalingam if you'd like to know more about the work of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum.

Dr Glyn Carter - GSMA - Presentation (pdf)Inmarsat Paul Deedman Presentation (pdf)Ofcom - WRC-19 Agenda item 1 (pdf)Graham MacDonald - Intel Presentation (pdf)Spectrum Sharing Criteria for Agenda Items 1 (pdf)


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