PredictX on integrated intelligence in Derbyshire

PredictX tackles the challenges of urgent pressure on emergency services

Key learning

Integrated intelligence across Health and Social Care can provide system improvement, improving pressure on emergency services and understanding patient flow through the health and social care system.


With increased focus on integrated care, whole systems leadership, and the introduction of the Better Care Fund, the need to understand how patients/service users access services is more pressing than ever. In July 2013, the Chief Executives of Derbyshire wide Trusts, the four CCGs and both Directors of Social Services identified two principal integration needs, which are still relevant today

What challenge did we seek to solve?

  • Tackle the urgent pressure on emergency services.
  • To gain a better understanding of patient flow’ through the health and social care system, where and when they touch services, and what it costs.

What did we do?

A pilot was commissioned using PredictX to match data across all 12 organisations to better understand the total impact on the health and social care economy. One of the key drivers was a real concern for ensuring better use of the “Derbyshire Pound”. PredictX added value by creating dynamic integrated dashboards allowing all agencies to analyse the patient and service user data in more detail whilst gaining a whole-system view of how health and social care can interrogate the combined data in a readily accessible form. During the project, the datasets grew to include social care, mental health trust, ambulance, out of hours, 111 and local flow data.

Outcomes achieved

The pilot revealed how Derbyshire can achieve better value in the health economy with the ‘Derbyshire pound’. The CEs group were so impressed with the results that they decided to take immediate action to roll out the pilot even further. The health and social care community can now focus on the Better Care Fund and determine the demand for services, and resource them more effectively for better outcomes and value the growing potential of a whole systems approach. The datasets during the project grew to include SUS, social care, mental health trust, ambulance, out of hours, 111 and local flow data.

Future plans

As we develop our future roadmap we are collaboration with Southend to develop product focused on DTOC and Children’s Data.

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