Inward Investment for trade, export and investment

The UK has one of the largest technology market in Europe with a focus on new technology and design and a sophisticated consumer base. UK consumers are early adopters of new technologies and design making the UK market an excellent 'test bed' for ICT companies.

The UK has a long history of innovation in Electronics and IT HW. Today world leading businesses in processor core technology, mixed signal devices, sensors, and lighting operate in the UK and benefit from the supportive business environment, tax and financial benefits from businesses investing in R&D and the highly developed creative and design talents native to the UK.

Space is one of the most productive and highly skilled sectors of the UK economy with deep rooted strengths in space technology and a strong record in groundbreaking systems exploitation. The most commercially advanced sector is satellite communications accounting for around 80 per cent of the UK's annual revenue from space. Overall the UK accounts for 6 per cent of the global marketplace, and leads the world in the development and production of microsatellites.

The UK also has the strongest ICT skills in Europe and the highest number of ICT graduates in the whole of Western Europe.

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