SmarterUK Smart Cities & Communities


techUK programme helping to create the conditions for driving smarter more sustainable city ecosystems.

Whilst cities generate an estimated 80% of global GDP and house over half of the world’s population, trends towards urbanisation are associated not only with wide-ranging opportunities but also challenges. In particular increasing pressure is placed on city environments, infrastructure, buildings, networks, resources and people. Technology can however offer exciting new solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges – providing new means of service delivery and citizen engagement.

The UK government has committed to improving our city infrastructure, supporting smart services that enable government priorities on devolution and digital transformation to be met. Funding has also been provided for a variety of pilots and demonstration projects including the Manchester City Verve IoT demonstrator.

Global smart city revenue is expected to grow from $36.8 billion in 2016 to $88.7 billion by 2025 and techUK will engage across the value chain to drive conditions that make the UK a global powerhouse in the development of smart city solutions and the export of products and services.

techUK will work to

  • Ensure smart systems, technologies and solutions are an integral part of city strategies and accelerate the development of the market.

  • Engage with social and economic value chain to understand the challenges currently faced by local government, promoting an awareness of how technology can help address challenge

  • Drive a ‘start smart’ approach working with stakeholders to ensure smart city solutions deliver solutions to appropriate challenges, benefiting the citizen.

Members can sign up for policy and market updates here.

Cities & Communities Board

Osborne Clarke, Claire Temple (CHAIR)
Accenture, Sam Nash
Amazon Web Services, John Midgey
ARM, Stephen Pattison
Atos, Kulveer Ranger
Charles Russell Speechlys, David Berry
Cisco, Stu Higgins
Future Cities Catapult
Mercato Solutions, Steve Vallis
SilverSpring, Brian McGuigan
ViaSat, Chris McIntosh

Members of the Board are nominated representatives of the entire Smart Cities & Communities Work Programme.

If you are interested in getting involved in this programme, please contact:


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