Programme actions for digital devices and services

The Digital Device programme focusses specifically on supporting activity within the Consumer Electronics AV sector, focussing on Broadcast Stakeholder engagement, Technology standards and open platforms, development of new market sectors and managing pre and post-sale customer support.

In 2017 the working groups are focussed on the following issues and outcomes:

The future of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting: techUK will lead a joint industry strategy and action plan that ensures a retained strong value proposition for free to view services delivered over a hybrid DTT/ IP for both TV and Radio, including support for the growth of 4K/ UHD services.

Digital Radio Switchover: techUK are leading a Digital Terrestrial Radio switchover action plan with the objective of gaining a Government commitment to switch once the already laid down criteria are met. We are working to ensure a fully digital future for radio, one that enables the latest reception technologies.

New BBC Charter: techUK are representing device manufacturers interests in holding the BBC to account for their commitments on content delivery across platforms and the application of common standards technology. In particular we are focussed on agreeing a way forward for distribution guidelines, Hybrid TV technologies and viewer accessibility that maintains the freedom for DMs to specify their own UI technologies and services.

700Mhz Clearance: techUK are represent device manufacturers interests relating to the clearance of a key part of the current DTT spectrum which will commence in 2017. We are engaged with Ofcom, Broadcasters and Infrastructure providers to ensure a smooth transition and comprehensive viewer support programme that protects service delivery on legacy devices.

techUK Code of Practice for Sales, Service and Support on Electrical Consumer Goods: Increased regulation and protection of consumer rights is under consideration by UK and EU regulators. Unfavourable regulation can be more effectively argued against if industry shows it has clear procedures in place which protect and support consumers. In 2016 techUK led the development an industry code of practice with input from DM members. Stakeholders and Service Providers were also consulted and invited to support. The CoP will be published in early 2017.

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