Central Government Council

The Central Government Council (CGC) aims to:

  • Ensure techUK delivers a vibrant engagement programme with central Government departments
  • Promote better engagement between the tech sector and Government to support civil servants earlier in the procurement process
  • Provide leadership and support on techUK’s campaigns and projects to reform public sector procurement
  • Promote and evangelise the transformative role tech can play in public services

For more information please see here.

CGC Chair & Vice-Chairs

CGC Members

• Aingaran Pillai, CEO & Founder, Zaizi
• Seth Finegan, UK CEO, Informed Solutions
• Mark Hall, Public Sector Director, Redcentric
• John Newton, Head of Strategy, Fujitsu
• Chris Gledhill, Managing Director, PDMS
• Danielle Perfect, Commercial Lead, PWC
• Bob Pickles, Head of Corporate & Government Affairs, Canon
• Neal Craig, Director- Consulting, Deloitte
• Alex Slater, Head of Public Sector, Capgemini
• Chris Farthing, Managing Director, Advice Cloud
• Stephen Golding, Business Development Director, CenturyLink
• Sara Bowden, Public Sector Manager, CDW
• Roy Wood, Managing Director, Advanced
• Jenny Mulholland, Public Sector Account Manager, Softwire
• Andy Tait, Head of Public Sector Strategy, VMware
• Nicky Stewart, Commercial Director, UKCloud
• Harry Metcalfe, Managing Director, DXW
• Vikki Archer, Head of Public Sector, Cyberark

For more information about the CGC please contact Rob Driver.


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