Living in the Internet of Things | Cybersecurity of the IoT

The IET are joining forces with the PETRAS Research Hub and IoTUK to hold the inaugural Living in the Internet of Things event at IET London: Savoy Place on 28-29 March 2018. A two day event incorporating call for papers conference, exhibition, workshops, seminars and demonstrations.
Living in the Internet of Things
The conference scope focuses on cybersecurity of the Internet of Things and is distinctively concerned with a range of sociotechnical issues across all industry sectors and applications including:
  • Harnessing economic value                                        
  • Safety and security
  • Privacy and trust                                             
  • Standards, governance and policy
  • Adoption and acceptability
Visit the main website and submit your abstract before 10 November 2017.
A PETRAS, IoTUK & IET Event Conference & Exhibition


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