VR and AR: Revolutionising Consumer Tech?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are two transformative technologies with applications covering business, education, healthcare and more. With all the talk and new devices coming online, this conference seeks to understand their potential in the consumer electronics market and entertainment sectors.

VR and AR: Revolutionising Consumer Tech?












This conference brings together broadcasters, device manufacturers, content creators, producers, analysts and media to explore what the potential for these technologies are. As well as discussions and presentations, delegates will be able to see and experience the latest products and innovations first hand in a demo area.

Some questions the conference aims to answer are:

  • What are the barriers to widespread adoption?
  • What new markets are enabled?
  • Is the delivery and connectivity infrastructure ready?
  • Will AR or VR have the biggerst impact?
  • What is the current/future market for these technologies and how should they be sold?


09:00-10:00 Registration & product demonstrations

10:00-10:05 Welcome and introductions 

10:05-10:20 The market for VR

10:20-11:30 VR/AR Content

Gaming is driving the momentum for VR, but what new forms of content can VR create? Could it create new experiences and new forms of entertainment? Could people buy tickets for a virtual ‘experiences’ with others to watch/experience exclusive AR content, whether that is sport, a concert, a horror maze or a film. This panel will hear from broadcasters, production houses and gaming on how they see VR/AR as platforms

Discussion points:

  • What content works best for these platforms? Narrative, events, news, games? 
  • Visual arts couldn't be more successful - is there need for new platforms?
  • Challenges of producing and developing this content?
  • Are broadcasters and producers ready?
  • VR beyond gaming.
  • AR as an 'add on' to TV

11:30-11:45 Presentation: Why AR will be more successful than VR

11:45-12:00 Break

12:00 -13:00 Monetising VR/AR

VR/AR has some consumer benefits that device manufacturers and content creaters will want to capitalise on. VR could see premium subscription offerings, new forms of advertising, new metadata types and more. This session looks at how new markets can develop around these technologies and how to link existing business models to new opportunities.

Discussion points:

  • What new devices, accessories and peripherals will be required and by whom?
  • What commercial relationships need to take place?
  • Broadcaster  and  media organisation attitude to emerging platforms.
  • Could VR/AR mean new advertising revenue? Choosing to look at an advert could be more meaningful than scrolling past on a newsfeed.
  • What new data types will be created?
  • AR has been ‘gimmicky’ so far – how can it be transformative and marketised?

13:00-14:00 Lunch and product demonstrations

14:00- 14:15 Presentation: Standardising VR

14:15-15:15 The VR/AR ecosystem

This discussion will look at the tech, media and production ecosystem that needs to spring up to support VR/AR content. Will it be delivered by IP, and if so what cloud and connectivity is required? Are content producers going to need new standards and support (as well as new equipment) to make the leap into VR/AR and what will consumers need.

Discussion points:

  • AR through mobile – how can TVs interact and work seamlessly?
  • Standards - The BSI Standards committee are driving VR standards work.
  • Broadband and cloud – Is the support infrastructure there, especially for VR.
  • Broadcast networks and IP delivery.
  • Distribution technologies and content delivery.
  • Compatibility of devices and broadcasts with AR.

15:15-15:30 Break and product demonstrations

15:30-16:30: Overcoming problems and getting people on board

New platforms need consumers to realise the benefits it will bring them and people need to see the long term benefits if they are going to buy new devices. This discussion will look at what problems need to be overcome before VR and AR can be accepted as a reality. This panel will hear from market analysts and academics on the problems this new market.

Discussion points:

  • How to drive adption among consumers.
  • Are retailers engaged?
  • Lessons from the gaming industry.
  • Is there inertia from broadcasters and media producers towards new and emerging platforms?
  • Lessons from other formats such as Google Glass and 3DTV.
  • VR is established in B2B - what can we learn from this?
  • Capitalising on AR - the new iPhone for example.
  • Who will create the 'killer' app or the best user case?

16:30 -18:00: Networking drinks and product demonstrations


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