Exploring Cyber Security Opportunities with INDRA

The Department for International Trade (DIT) Spain is recruiting UK cybersecurity companies interested in partnering with the Spanish company INDRA to win business in the UK and beyond.

This Meet the Partner event will consist of a series of presentations to set the scene that will be delivered by:

  • techUK.
  • The Cybersecurity Asistant Director at the Department for International Trade (Defence & Security Organisation).
  • A representative of INDRA.

1-to-1 meetings will be held subsequently with UK companies selected by INDRA.

1-to-1 meetings eligibility criteria

In order for the candidates’s potential to partner with INDRA to be as high as possible, companies will need to fill out the attached questionnaire for evaluation by the Spanish company.

Only those selected by INDRA as potentially interesting will be included in the 1-to-1 meetings programme. Nevertheless, all companies are of course welcome to attend the 1st part of the event.


With c.40,000 employees across 140 countries and annual revenues of €2.7 billion, of which 57% outside Spain, INDRA is the biggest provider of technological solutions in a range of sectors (transport, energy, healthcare, financial, defence & security), and a strategic supplier to the Spanish government, who owns a 20% stake.

INDRA already has a strong operation in the UK, with c.600 employees. However these are largely concentrated on supporting other large Spanish investors (eg. Santander and Telefónica/O2) and the air traffic control sector, in strategic partnership with NATS (air traffic).

In the defence sector INDRA supplies simulators to the RN and the RAF, and partners with BAE Systems, Airbus, Leonardo or MBDA in collaborative projects like Typhoon and Meteor. Other INDRA projects in the UK include the Tunnels Control Centre for DfT and a VTS (vessel traffic) for the Southampton Port.

INDRA, and its digital solutions division called Minsait, have a strong cybersecurity capability and a significant market share in some of the countries where they operate. They now aim to grow their cyber business in the UK together with one or more local partners.

INDRA has expressed interest in the following areas. Any UK companies with these capabilities can potentially explore a partnership with them.

  • Cybersecurity training platforms (CyberRange being one of Minsait’s key products).
  • Digital identity solutions. Main interest: reliable remote identification through ID or digital signature verification, and facial biometrics.
  • User profiling setting based on mobile usage.
  • Online e-voting system with reliable identity verification and “backend” system.
Meet the Partner Event Indra at Tech UK Application ... (docx)


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