Promote for small and medium sized businesses

techUK understands the need of SMEs to promote themselves. Every year more than 20,000 people visit our offices making techUK an excellent location to network with potential partners and customers. techUK offers cost effective opportunities for sponsorship of high quality reports and events targeted to highly specific audiences. The large and diverse range of events and meetings we host also offer great speaking opportunities for our members.

techUK has also developed a series of products aimed specifically at providing our members with opportunities to build their networks, pitch their services and develop their channels to market.

Innovation Den

techUK Innovation Dens are half-day sessions that offer small, innovative businesses the opportunity to pitch their ideas to panellists from central and local government and large suppliers to the public sector.

Government bodies and private sector organisations are keen to take advantage of innovative ideas that fill a gap, drive down cost, and/or offer better services. But finding the perfect solution is not easy. Small companies often feel that they have come up with unique propositions that perfectly fill some specific need(s). But they may have trouble channelling their ideas to the right people.

Through the innovation den series, we facilitate connections between innovative companies and innovation seekers from government, local authorities, and large private sector companies. To date 270 follow-up appointments have been made following the presentations at 10 innovation dens.

"techUK Innovation Dens are an excellent way for technology SMEs to showcase their ideas to the public sector. I very much enjoyed the experience of sitting on the panel and will encourage my colleagues to get involved."
Stephen Allott, Crown Representative for SMEs, Cabinet Office.

Export promotion

techUK is partnering with UKTI to help more UK tech companies export to overseas markets. techUK has a comprehensive international business programme in markets including security, financial services, healthcare, communications and more.

As part of our service, member companies can receive a combination of free, high quality business and market intelligence, financial and practical support for overseas business visits, attendance at international conferences and speaking opportunities at overseas seminars.
Additionally, our specialist partner agency, Trade Fair Support, provides full support to UK companies exhibiting at selected internationally technology trade shows. Financial support of up to £2,500 is available towards the cost of exhibiting for eligible UK SMEs.


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