Dr Amir Mehrkar

  • Dr Amir Mehrkar


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Dr Amir Mehrkar is a practising NHS GP and CCIO for Orion Health. His clinical informatics experience includes: National Clinical Lead for the e-Referral Service, CCIO for the Hampshire Health Record, and Digital Clinical Champion for NHS England’s Patient Online Programme. He is a member of the Digitalhealth.net CCIO advisory board, the RCGP Health Informatics Group and the Code4health Interoperability Community Board.

As a clinician, he has first hand experience of the benefits, challenges and triumphs for patients, clinicians and the care system of appropriately sharing patient information for direct care at scale: he believes in the ‘Robin Hood‘ principle of information sharing, where the information rich share the data with the information poor, to provide better patient care at the coal-face.


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