Ewan Davis

Ewan Davis is a Director of Woodcote Consulting Ltd, HANDIhealth CIC and OpenGPSoc CIC and has worked in Healthcare Informatics since 1981. He is a Health Informatics Strategist with broad knowledge and extensive networks across the healthcare and health informatics domains with particular experience in primary care, electronic prescribing, healthcare IT ecosystem architectures and health and care app development.

Ewan was founder and Managing Director of AAH Meditel (a leading GP Supplier) from 1987 to its sale to Torex in 1999. He is a professional member of the British Computer Society and is past Treasurer of BCS Health and a past Chairman of the Primary Healthcare Specialists Group of which he remains an active committee member. Ewan is also an member of the British National Formulary BNF's Expert Advisory Panel.

Ewan has been an active member of techUK and its predecessor bodies (Intellect, CSSA and CSA) since 1981. He was Chairman of the CSSA Primary Healthcare Group from 1996-99 was a founder member of the techUK Health and Social Care Council and has served as Vice Chairman of the techUK Healthcare Group.

Ewan's current interest a focused on work to encourage an open health IT ecosystem which will allow health and care software and apps from multiple vendors to play nicely together enabling a transformation in the way we deliver health and care and creating much greater opportunities for players in the sector.


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