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Simon is a Health Economist who has worked extensively across the NHS. In a career spanning 25 years –9 as an Executive Director, Simon has worked on the ‘frontline’ of the NHS in operations, strategy and planning and Organisational change.

Simon has experience in a range of NHS organisations – including Mental Health, Social Care, and Acute hospital services and nationally with NHS Direct. Simon has also worked on a number of regional and National programmes.

In that time Simon has been part of and led a number of major transformation projects including establishing Community Mental Health Services, Directing large PFI hospital builds and redesigning urgent care services.

In 2004 Simon received a bursary from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence to study for a Master’s degree in Health Economics – following this he took part in a number of technology appraisals primarily looking at urgent care access.

In joining NHS Direct Simon was able to develop further his interest in digital health as a means of improving treatment outcomes, aiding efficiency and improving patient satisfaction. Whilst there he led a number of national initiatives taking digital Health into areas of Mental Health (IAPT), long term conditions and public health.

Simon joined Inhealthcare as Commercial Director in May 2013 where he is responsible for building relationships with NHS organisations, strategy and bridging the gap between healthcare and technology.


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