Kathy Mason

Kathy is passionate about improving the understanding and utilisation of IT to achieve improvements in healthcare outcomes and patients' experience of services. She has recently joined the IT Health Partnership as partner, building on 25 years of successful delivery as a leader in health and care informatics.

Kathy joined the NHS in 1990, and as a Director in NHS Trusts built a reputation as a leader in IT enabled improvement. Moving to national roles in 2005, she played a leading role in the successful implementation of PACS across England. She subsequently led development of the NPfIT benefits management approach for NHS Connecting for Health. As DH Director of Informatics Policy & Planning she led the development and publication of the 2012 Information Strategy for Health and Care: The Power of Information in partnership with the mainstream policy team. At NHS England she helped to establish the Strategic Systems Directorate, with particular focus on establishing strong stakeholder relationships with key bodies, including techUK, BCS and other key delivery partners. She established the Patient Online Programme, a central component of the implementation programme driving delivery of the aims and objectives of the Power of Information, to use technology to improve patient experience and outcomes.

Kathy brings significant perspective from the client side, at national and local level, into how the NHS engages with the IT industry. She has an extensive network across the healthcare sector and brings valuable policy insight. She is a great supporter of long needed improvement of the procurement processes for both client and supplier.


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